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Useful Internet Marketing Tools

1. GroupMail: $99.95
GroupMail is an award winning email list management and distribution tool designed for people who need to communicate effectively and quickly with their group based contacts (customers, sales leads etc.). 

2. twitt adder: new.gif (4924 bytes)hot.gif (4066 bytes)  $55.00
Get more followers on twitter instantly!!!  twitter Promotion & Marketing Tool to get more targeted Twitter followers, even on Vacation!

3. Bookmarking Demon:hot.gif (4066 bytes) $147.00  Bookmarking Demon is Social Bookmarking Automation Software.  Now you can use it to automatically bookmark your website to hundreds of different social networking websites within a couple of minutes!!!

4. Message Magic: hot.gif (4066 bytes)  $17.95/month
Skype's #1 Add-on Product. If you have been scratching your head trying to crack the code of how to create a successful online income, this could easily be the most shocking tool you have ever encounter...

5. Addweb Website Promoter: Includes more than 19 essential search engine promotion, website maintenance, and web optimization software tools in one complete suite.


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