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Life & Health Insurance

We have specialized in the writing of Life and Health insurance Policies.  We believe that the satisfaction we have provided to our policyholders has helped us achieve the reputation as "the company that does what it says it will do."  As a result, We have a lot of referrals from our clients.

1. FIA (Fixed Indexed Annuity)

lampuz.gif (995 bytes) Get A 20% premium increase on all premium received during the first 3 policy years
lampuz.gif (995 bytes) Take full advantage of each year's gains in two major indexes (S&P 500 or Nasdaq 100)    Lock in those gains to assure your highest value in the future
lampuz.gif (995 bytes) A guarantee that initial principal is fully protected from market loss
lampuz.gif (995 bytes) Your money's growth is tax-deferred

Dallas Chinese News Article on 03/25/05

This annuity offers you stability and safety, the opportunity for growth, plus a
up to 20% premium increase!!!

2. Health Insurance

Click on the link above to get a quote from BlueCross BlueShield.


    Please call for a FREE consultation.

TEL:(817)691-6750 Cell/Text

Jason Chou, M.B.A.
Financial Advisor

Arlington, TX.

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