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Business Opportunities

Generating Multiple Streams of Income from Home!

Team Players Wanted!!!

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After researching a lot of E-commerce businesses, I have found the following GREAT business opportunities:

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   Global Online Shopping


GLOBAL.SHOP.COM in other countries

Get paid to shop from over 4,000 partner stores!!!

Get 2% to 50% cashback on eligible purchases.

GLOBAL.SHOP.COM is going to China soon!!!

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      Good for Your Health

bHIP Global:

bHIP Blue Energy Blend is a Natural Herbal Energy Drink.  It contains all natural ingredients, and no artificial sweeteners or stimulants.  It will give you energy, clarity & fit!

bHIP Global has been in the global markets for 6 years.  Currently, over 30 countries are enjoying the great products!

Chinese News Article in Dallas Chinese Living on April 30, 2008

Brand New Websites:





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Naturally Plus:

Naturally Plus was established in 1999 in Tokyo, Japan based on the corporate mission of enhancing wellness in the global community. This ideal is supported by a company-wide commitment to product integrity, opportunity integrity and cultural integrity, and reflected in the merits of using our products, SUPER LUTEIN.

Parent Company: UNIVA CAPITAL

USA Website: Naturally Plus

Global Website: Naturally Plus

Taiwan's Team: Naturally Plus - OK Team

We have opened USA markets on June 1, 2014.  Leaders wanted!!!


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