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I really love Amy Sand's "Why Are You So Good To Me???"  Please click on play to listen to this beautiful song...

Want more GREAT music? 

Please visit my Gospel Music Web Page!

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Don't Worry...Be Happy!!!  

We will show you how to turn your online time into money-making time!

Please Visit Business Opportunities Web Page.

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Do you have a shrunken
retirement account ?

Don't worry!  We will show you a great solution to protect your principal
from market loss:

FIA (Fixed Index Annuity)

This annuity offers you stability and safety, the opportunity for growth, plus a
up to 20% premium increase!!!

We specialize in life & health insurance policies.

Please Visit Insurance Web Page.

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If you are looking for investment or residential properties, I can help you find the one that you like.

Please visit Real Estate Web Page.

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     Please visit my Facebook: www.facebook.com/godspeedtech
for more info.


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Please click on the angel below to see John 3:16 about Jesus in Shockwave animation.  This is AWESOME!!!

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Please add my Home Page to your bookmarks or Website and come back often.  We will update this Website frequently.  Also, please send us any comments that you may have.

May God bless you!  :-)

"As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."
Joshua 24:15

Jason Chou, M.B.A.
Ambassador for Jesus Christ

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Honest, Fast, Reliable & Quality Service Is My Mission!


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